Listen, as much great beer as there is in this world, there is plenty of room for more. Which is why we believe every minute not spent on administrative B.S. is a minute that can be spent brewing awesome beer!

Sure there are other brewery management systems already created. Some on old antiquated software platforms. Some dump data onto the screen in hopes that it makes sense. Up until BREWD no one has really set out to create software that makes the breweries' lives easier.

As a matter of fact, our software was crafted by sitting down for the better part of a year and talking to breweries of all sizes. Listening to the trials and tribulations of real craft brewery owners and head brewers. We brewed beer, just like you do every day or every week. We listened to sales managers and sales reps. We went on delivery routes with drivers and talked to bar and restaurant owners.

We lived your life, albeit for just a few moments, to give our team a better understanding of the issues you face every day. So you have our promise to keep building a better product. You have our promise to optimize every tap of the phone and click of the mouse. You have our promise to listen and improve. Always improve. We both share a passion to put out the best product possible. And when we it enables you focus on the thing that makes you successful...brewing great beer.


~ Fermented Labs Team

Meet the team

Daniel started his career in the Silicon Valley as a Software Engineer and progressed to leading project teams as a Program Manager at companies like Adobe. Daniel has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo and a Masters in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where he was classmates with Dave.

When not coding or managing the backlog, Daniel enjoys a nice outdoor run.

Dave is a 20 year technology veteran out of San Francisco and has worked for such companies as Netscape and AOL. He was also CTO of Spoke Software and CTO and Founder of Road Rules. Dave has a an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Pomona College and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. Ever since his senior year in college, Dave has had a passion for craft beer which turned into a home brewing hobby and eventually, in 2009, he launched a beer blog and social media presence called Beer 47. This passion for craft beer and technology finally converged when Dave and Daniel created BrewOps and subsequently merged with the Fermented Labs.

When not writing code, Dave enjoys tennis, strategy board games, sour beer, and barrel-aged stouts.

John graduated from the University of Iowa and ever since has been starting technology companies. Over the years John’s companies have produced millions in revenue and have serviced thousands of customers. In 2014 John took a company through Techstars in Boulder, CO one of the most prominent and successful technology accelerators in the world. John’s passion for technology and craft beer melded into the creation of Fermented Labs.

John admits to being addicted to CrossFit (since 2011). He loves his Iowa Hawkeyes and all Chicago sports teams. John’s favorite beer is a dank, juicy NE IPA.

John believes that a group of good people focused on solving a problem can accomplish great things.