BREWD Saves Breweries Many Thousands Each Year

Case Study - Firetrucker Brewery (Ankeny, IA)

Firetrucker, a fast growing brewery in central Iowa, was at an inflection point in the growth of their business. The brewery doubled production every single year in each of the first three years of existence. What started out as a challenge to keep all the tap lines flowing with high quality beer quickly became a challenge of a different sort.

As production and demand ramped up what began as a variety of small manual processes either done on paper or entered into Excel quickly became a bottleneck for growth. Dan Heiderscheit, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Firetrucker, knew something needed to change.

The the former Worldwide IT Sr Vice President for Kemin Industries understands the role technology plays in businesses and owning a brewery is no different. “We got to a point where we were making 10, 20, 30, 40 deliveries per week and the old ‘print two copies, scribble all over them, and reconcile afterwards’ method was just not the way we need to operate. That’s why we turned to BREWD.”

BREWD’s Sales module has saved time and dramatically reduced mistakes for Dan and the employees at Firetrucker. He has identified efficiencies from BREWD in distribution, production, and back office work saves them around 44 hours of work every single month.


Any time people do math, errors are possible. And when drivers are rushing in, dropping off product, looking for the point person, picking up kegs, adjusting paper invoices, and rushing out the door, errors are more than possible, they are probable.

BREWD’s delivery management and order interface enable drivers to make changes on the fly. If a customer cuts a check, the driver can take a snapshot of that check to make reconciliation easier. An electronic signature and a tap of a button and the driver is out the door. With these efficiencies Dan estimates this saves his sales and distribution team over 21 hours every month.


Having the right product, in the right selling units, at the right time is a challenge for any brewery. It’s even more challenging when there is no clear insight into finished inventory or open orders.

BREWD gives owners, brewers, and other brewery workers access to both available inventory and inventory already allocated to open orders. With this information, brewery workers can clearly see what product in what selling units (1/2bbl, 1/6bbl, etc.) is low and what needs to be created. This level of insight saves the Firetrucker team almost 9 hours of time every single month by simply creating the right product at the right time.

Back Office

The paperwork has to be done and a lot of the time it falls on the shoulders of one of the owners. Anything that can be done to free up their time is absolutely invaluable.

BREWD saves Dan around 13 hours of back office time each month. This time saving enables Dan to focus more of his time on activities that drive additional revenue like brewing more beer, creating new recipes, and training employees to help them scale.

In all BREWD saves Dan over one man-week every month or almost $12,000 per year. Firetrucker was under 1,000 bbls in 2015 so they only had to pay $50/mo. It is estimated that BREWD pays for itself in the first couple days each month.


We think Dan says it best, “There is no question that BREWD is a must-have for self distributed breweries.  As we grow and eventually engage distributors for certain areas of distribution their multi-tiered pricing will easily accommodate our growth. I am really excited to ramp up their Keg Tracking module in early 2017 and can’t wait to see how they revolutionize the production side of our brewery when they release that later in 2017. The BREWD team continues to innovate and we are fortunate to be working with them!”