BREWD for Canada

When I got out of school my first job was for Maytag. Maytag is now just a brand under the Whirlpool conglomerate, but back then they had an amazing sales training program (yeah I know, far cry from technology, but that would be a blog post unto itself). After about 3 months of training, I headed to Milwaukee for some on the job training. After a couple months in Wisconsin I was offered up a temporary assignment in none other than, Toronto, Canada!

It seemed like a cool adventure, so within a week I had packed up Dodge Avenger and headed north (east). It's actually not that much further north than many places in Wisconsin, but we'll leave geography out of this. I remember driving through the night, going through customs, having my car searched, and as the sun broke the horizon noticing all of these little coffee shops dotting the highway, which I would come to learn they were Tim Horton's.

I remember getting lost as I went to find the regional office and they asked where I was, so I told them, "I am in a place called Etti-beh-coke." Come to learn its pronounced "ɛˈtoʊbɪkoʊ" and spelled "Etobicoke." Yeah I butchered the pronunciation. Anyway, I spent the better part of the winter and into the spring in Canada and really enjoyed all of the people I met and my time there.

Now, let's get back to present day. When I started Fermented Labs in 2016 I knew we needed to initially focus on on the US market. If you lack focus it makes it very difficult to accomplish anything substantial as a startup. But I knew once we had the US pretty well handled, we needed to expand into Canada.

That opportunity came to us many months ago when a new brewery, Grain Bin Brewing, asked if BREWD would work in Canada. My response was an honest, "I don't know." But I added that Dalen (founder) was welcomed to test it out. With Dalen's help and feedback from great guys Aric and Dave from Folding Mountain we learned A LOT about Canadian tax rates and how it flows through to Quickbooks. I will save everyone the gory details, but the end result is really nice! With about 5 minutes of configuration in Quickbooks, the appropriate taxes get assigned to the right products and everything flows to Quickbooks. It even appropriately handles tax exempt products and services like keg deposits.

We are really excited to be able to support Canada and hope we can drive the same efficiencies for Canadian breweries as we do for US breweries. If you would like to try it for your brewery, click here to sign up. We'll give you 30 days to play around and see if it works for you!

For more info about the features we offer for Canadian breweries, check it out!


P.S. - Many thanks to Kurt from Watershed Brewing for getting the ball rolling many, many months ago!