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What can BREWD do?

Orders are quickly converted into Invoices, Credit Memos, and Refund Receipts in the same format every time. PST, GST, and HST is automatically calculated and applied to the appropriate products and flows right to Quickbooks.

Track all of your expensive kegs and know what they are filled with, when they were filled, where they are and when they should come back.

All of your inventory on hand at your fingertips. Additionally, we will even show you the inventory that is assigned to open orders so you don't sell what you don't have!

Even the little things are accounted for. Full product returns, multiple pricing tiers, default payment types, terms, and so much more is easily handled in BREWD and everything can communicate QuickBooks!


Manage all your deliveries through a dedicated delivery management screen. Even see all of the products you need for all of your orders so you never leave without everything you need.