Easily see and edit all products and available inventory for every product configuration available. Finally a true source of product information.


View every order with one quick view. Understand what inventory is already assigned to an order and what you have available for new orders.


Know where all kegs are at any point in time. Understand how many you have in total, what is out at retailers, what is in inventory, and what is available to fill.


Easily organize orders into deliveries by designating date, driver, and vehicle. Make sure everything gets loaded easily and efficiently with our pick list and customer views.


BREWD can easily handle cash and checks and even allow for electronic signatures. BREWD allows you to get paid electronically in real time with an electric signature on your smartphone.


Connect Quickbooks through BREWD to automatically sync customers, products and transactions. Orders are sync'd with Quickbooks to record the invoice and mark it paid. No duplicate entry!

Early Access

Early access includes 3 months free of Production. After the 3 month trial the early access price of $29/mo will continue until notified otherwise.

Raw Materials

Every ingredient, every keg, every bottle or can managed in one location. With Quickbooks integration everything is recorded in both locations and kept in sync.


Keep each and every recipe documented for easy use during the production process. Never again will you need to use spreadsheets or out-of-date software to manage your most precious commodity.


Schedule out your production so you know exactly what is coming and approximately when. With the integration with recipes and raw materials your production schedule will reduce inventory and tell you exactly what you need.

Quality Control

Keep track of gravity, ph levels and more with BREWD's integrated QC module. Always know if your current batch is trending as it should throughout the brewing process.