Easily manage all of your hop contracts and orders against those contracts

It's not easy managing hop contracts. What have you ordered? What's left? Our super-simple free Google Docs spreadsheet makes managing all of your hop contracts and the orders against those contracts wicked simple!

Make a copy for yourself right here!


Add contracts

Whenever you enter into a new hop contract, enter the Contract ID, the vendor, the type of hops, and the quantity of the contract.

With filtering and sorting built in, only view the contracts you need, when you need them.


Enter orders against the contracts

As you order hops, easily select the contract and our spreadsheet will fill in the vendor name for you. Indicate the purchase date, the order number, and the quantity. Now you have record of everything you purchase against the contracts you have entered into.

But here's where the magic starts...


View what you used and what's remaining

As you enter orders against your contracts, always see what what you have used, not only the amount, but also the number of orders created off each contract.

Our spreadsheet will even show you what you have remaining. So simple; so easy! 


Need a bit more guidance?

Check out our how-to video to learn exactly how to use the Hop Contract Manager spreadsheet.

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Thanks so much...enjoy!