So you're tellin' US you want to get paid


We know the process all too well. Drop off the beer, paper invoices get all marked up, math has been done (hopefully correctly), someone signs that marked up invoice, and a check gets cut. Or cash is exchanged. Or maybe you are paid by ACH/Fintech.

Whatever the method, the process then typically takes many days before the cash is in your account. Not because you can't deposit the check or cash. It's because the reconciliation process takes so much time. BREWD payments simplifies this whole process.

Orders are modified onsite through BREWD (we do the math :)), a picture of the check is taken and tied to an order, signature is taken on that same smartphone, and an email with that invoice is automatically sent to the customer. This allows you to spend less time reconciling invoices and gets that money in the bank days sooner.