Raw Materials, Recipes, Instructions, Batches and Reading


BREWD Production enables you to manage every raw material in your brewery and always know what you have on hand. Virtual and physical inventories make it easy to ensure your next batch has what it needs.

Once you have your raw materials set, you can enter all of your recipes. We realized that something as simple as a spreadsheet could capture a material list, which is why Brewd’s recipes not only capture what is in a recipe, but when it is supposed to be added. We also capture any readings needed (with targets) at any point in the brewing, fermenting, or finishing process.

Now you can start brewing and recording everything that happens as you make your batch. Easily see what you have to do, what is in process, what has been completed, and what has been skipped. Also keep track of all your actual amounts of ingredients and actual readings throughout the process to make sure every batch is as good as your best!